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Writefreely for iOS v1.0

I’m thrilled to announce the release of WriteFreely for iOS on the App Store. 🚀

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Learning With Open Source Projects

Social learning as a (community) service: I’ve been wanting to learn more about building macOS apps, so what better way to learn than contribute to a great project like NetNewsWire?

More WriteFreely Open-Source Fun: SwiftUI Multi-Platform App

Hot on the heels of the WriteFreely Swift Package, I’m kicking off another fun open-source project: building an official WriteFreely client for all Apple platforms as a SwiftUI multiplatform app.

Web Monetization and Indigo

Indigo, my IndieWeb-powered theme for Hugo, now includes web monetization.

WriteFreely Swift Package

I’ve released a developer preview for a Swift package to work with WriteFreely.

The Someday/Maybe List is a Lie

A backlog of good ideas may not be such a good idea.

Indigo Update: Custom CSS

This site runs a customized version of Indigo — essentially, a different colour palette and some custom styling for the Updates page. Because of this, it’s always been a bit of a headache to update to the latest version of the theme. No more! I’m happy to announce that you can now easily import custom CSS into Indigo.

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Improved Hugo theme workflows coming

It’s been over 10 months since I released my theme for Hugo, called Indigo. Some changes have been made since launch, but it always seems to take so much longer to build out new features or fix bugs than I’d like, and a recent breaking change in Hugo 0.57 (temporarily rolled back in 0.57.2) that I have to fix really drove that point home.

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Pseudo-chat components in Glitch

Ash Furrow’s blog is always a great read, and Monday’s thoughts on learning from other developer communities was no exception.

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Last week I wrote about defining my goals a bit more carefully, making sure that projects I undertake fit who I want to be and how I feel, set in the context of what I’m capable of. Part of that meant making some hard decisions about which projects I’ll put in my backlog, and which projects I’ll drop altogether. The work I’d started on a Manuscript integration is one of the latter.

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Hello, 2019

I’m being a bit more careful about defining goals this year. Certainly, there are some things that I’m aiming to do, or that I need to do, but these things have to be balanced against the universe not especially giving a damn about my wants and needs — and I need to be okay with that. But more importantly, I’m working harder on timeboxing my projects in OmniFocus, for a few reasons.

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Stylin' Sidebar.js in Glitch

My main social network these days is Micro.blog, where I post short updates, thoughts, and images, then syndicate those posts out to the big social media silos. I have a hosted blog on the Micro.blog service for this, but because I want this site to be the canonical source for all things Angelo, I wanted to pull in that content here.

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Thoughts On Indigo, Two Weeks Later

While v1.0 of my first Hugo theme, Indigo, was released two weeks ago, it was only added to the Hugo themes gallery (and tweeted about from the Hugo account) five days ago. Since then, I’ve learned a couple of things that I thought I’d share.

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Introducing Indigo

Indigo is a lightweight theme for Hugo with IndieWeb features baked in. It’s great for longer-form blogging, placing its focus on distraction-free reading and beautiful typefaces.

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Glitch Project Name Lottery

Glitch creates randomized project names when you remix a project, and they look something like adjective-noun.glitch.me. You can always rename these later, but oftentimes they’re just too amusing to bother (I’m looking at you, victorious-beer). So, what if you decided that you were going to remix the node starter app, and then had to spend a couple of hours building an app based purely on the random name you were assigned?

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