More WriteFreely Open-Source Fun: SwiftUI Multi-Platform App

Hot on the heels of the WriteFreely Swift Package, I’m kicking off another fun open-source project: building a WriteFreely client for all Apple platforms as a SwiftUI multiplatform app.

I’ve written about the project a bit more here, where I’m sharing updates on the WriteFreely/ work I do. If WWDC got you interested in learning more about multiplatform apps and SwiftUI, join me in building this! The goal is to go from what you see in the GitHub project today to a functional app by the end of August. Developers of any level of experience are welcome!

This work will have two tracks — building the client app, which will be the bulk of the work, and improving the Swift package. Personally, I’m more excited about SwiftUI and multiplatform apps than I’ve been about other tech stacks in a long time.

That said, one of the reasons Per has been stagnating for as long as it did was because I got bitten by the Swift 2 → 3 transition, which kinda broke everything. I’m hoping that it’ll be smoother for SwiftUI as it’s improved and extended over the next few years.

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