Yes, I'm Changing My Blog Too

I haven’t posted anything to the blog living at in about two and a half months. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing.

Writefreely for iOS v1.0

I’m thrilled to announce the release of WriteFreely for iOS on the App Store. 🚀

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Moving Commits with Git Cherry-Pick

Or: how to fix your pull-request screw-ups.

Learning With Open Source Projects

Social learning as a (community) service: I’ve been wanting to learn more about building macOS apps, so what better way to learn than contribute to a great project like NetNewsWire?

SwiftUI Previews: How to fix 'Cannot convert value of type SomeType to expected argument type EnvironmentObject<SomeType>' errors

Using Environment Objects in a SwiftUI preview is surprisingly straightforward.

More WriteFreely Open-Source Fun: SwiftUI Multi-Platform App

Hot on the heels of the WriteFreely Swift Package, I’m kicking off another fun open-source project: building an official WriteFreely client for all Apple platforms as a SwiftUI multiplatform app.

Using Swift Packages in all Multiplatform SwiftUI App targets

SwiftUI multiplatform apps have both iOS and macOS targets, but adding a Swift Package dependency to your target via Xcode requires you to choose one. So how do you give both targets access to the package?

Web Monetization and Indigo

Indigo, my IndieWeb-powered theme for Hugo, now includes web monetization.

An Update on Per

Work on the next release of Per continues unabated! Here’s an update on how that’s going.

WriteFreely Swift Package

I’ve released a developer preview for a Swift package to work with WriteFreely.

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