The Per Rewrite Diaries: Day 24

This post is part of a series about rewriting my iOS app, Per. Per is a price per unit comparison app with a bunch of neat convenience figures, but it hasn’t been updated in years, so I’m rewriting it from scratch to eliminate a bunch of technical debt. Just because it’s not an open-source app doesn’t mean I can’t share what I learn as I go!

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Design Thinking

There’s not really much to report today. I spent the day thinking about how to best present information in each ProductListCellView so that it’s easily understood; right now ProductItems are sorted in the list by best-value, but there’s no indication of how much better the value is. I’m experimenting with some ideas and I think I’ve got an idea, though that’ll mean adding something to the ProductList that stores either the best or worst value for your money, and updates it with each new product that’s added.

Then, each cell could show how much worse (or better) it is than that baseline value. So I’ll tackle that tomorrow.

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