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Writefreely for iOS v1.0

I’m thrilled to announce the release of WriteFreely for iOS on the App Store. 🚀

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Learning With Open Source Projects

Social learning as a (community) service: I’ve been wanting to learn more about building macOS apps, so what better way to learn than contribute to a great project like NetNewsWire?

SwiftUI Previews: How to fix 'Cannot convert value of type SomeType to expected argument type EnvironmentObject<SomeType>' errors

Using Environment Objects in a SwiftUI preview is surprisingly straightforward.

More WriteFreely Open-Source Fun: SwiftUI Multi-Platform App

Hot on the heels of the WriteFreely Swift Package, I’m kicking off another fun open-source project: building an official WriteFreely client for all Apple platforms as a SwiftUI multiplatform app.

Using Swift Packages in all Multiplatform SwiftUI App targets

SwiftUI multiplatform apps have both iOS and macOS targets, but adding a Swift Package dependency to your target via Xcode requires you to choose one. So how do you give both targets access to the package?

WriteFreely Swift Package

I’ve released a developer preview for a Swift package to work with WriteFreely.

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