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Yes, I'm Changing My Blog Too

I haven’t posted anything to the blog living at angelostavrow.com in about two and a half months. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing.

So Long, 2019

Despite having fifty-two weekly retrospectives over four notebooks to look back on, I didn’t write up any kind of “2019 In Review” post here. I did spend the morning of New Years Eve writing up an annual retrospective, though, as discussed in episode 17 of Make Before Break; I just didn’t share any findings and insights.

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Thoughts on the podcast experiment

It’s been a week since Frank and I wrapped up and released the final episode for Make Before Break’s first season. Here are a few things we learned about making a podcast.

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A Face for Radio

…and a voice for silent film.

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Hello, 2019

I’m being a bit more careful about defining goals this year. Certainly, there are some things that I’m aiming to do, or that I need to do, but these things have to be balanced against the universe not especially giving a damn about my wants and needs — and I need to be okay with that. But more importantly, I’m working harder on timeboxing my projects in OmniFocus, for a few reasons.

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The Next Chapter 🎏

Yesterday marked the end of my time working on Manuscript, as the transition of the product over to its new owner is complete. With that, I’d been looking for a new contract, and today I’m happy to announce that I’ll be joining the team at Glitch!

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