So Long, 2019

Despite having fifty-two weekly retrospectives over four notebooks to look back on, I didn’t write up any kind of “2019 In Review” post here. I did spend the morning of New Years Eve writing up an annual retrospective, though, as discussed in episode 17 of Make Before Break; I just didn’t share any findings and insights.

I’m not really sure why, but I just haven’t been sharing much lately, whether that be here or on the handful of social networks I haunt. Maybe I’ve been too involved in other parts of my life to do so; maybe I don’t have much that I think is of interest to other people. I’m definitely bad at self-promotion. I’ll try to share more in 2020.

A few other notable things from last year:

  • My friend Frank and I launched a podcast. We released 18 episodes and we crossed the 1,000-download mark on New Years Eve, which is cool given how little marketing we do.
  • I settled into a new role working with the Solutions Engineering team at Glitch.
  • I bought a guitar and got back into playing music. I’m not very good yet, and no, I don’t have a Soundcloud. I also brought home an old electric guitar and amplifier that I’ve had in storage forever, because that’s just fun.
  • I was interviewed on the Function podcast about tech and self-care. I also wrote up some further thoughts on that here.
  • I took a road trip to Portland, ME — our first visit there. I hope to put up some photos on Flickr soon.

It’s nice to be back to writing and sharing. More TK!

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