Recommended Reading

I spend a lot of time reading, and I’ve been thinking about periodically writing up a list of articles that I’ve recently enjoyed.

While I’m big on RSS (Feedbin is my RSS service of choice), I do also use it to subscribe to a few weekly newsletters — here are my current favourites.

Jocelyn K. Glei →

Host of the Hurry Slowly podcast, this newsletter collects articles on finding time for creativity and meaningful work. I love both the podcast and newsletter so much that signing up for the Reset Course was a no-brainer for me.

Dense Discovery →

Published by Kai Brach, this newsletter collects articles “at the intersection of tech, design, and culture.” There’s always a lot of great stuff here, including articles to read, tools to try, or designs to inspire.

Rad Reads →

Khe Hy writes about living (and working) deliberately (“with intention”), and curates a newletter that aims to help you be more creative, empathetic, and resilient.

Flashing Palely in the Margins →

Sameer Vasta’s newsletter is one of my newest discoveries, but it’s rapidly become one of my favourites. A wonderful collection of interesting reads, thoughtful commentary, and a little poetry, this gem always makes me sit back and think.

More, as always, tk.

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