The Per Rewrite Diaries: Day 41

This post is part of a series about rewriting my iOS app, Per. Per is a price per unit comparison app with a bunch of neat convenience figures, but it hasn’t been updated in years, so I’m rewriting it from scratch to eliminate a bunch of technical debt. Just because it’s not an open-source app doesn’t mean I can’t share what I learn as I go!

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Untangling Stack Views

One thing I always have struggled with is visually reasoning about nested arrays — which, if you kinda squint and look at from the right angle, is very similar to what you’ve got with nested stack views.

The actual code to set up a stack view? Fairly straightforward, really. Apple did a nice job with this API. But untangling my own set up of the various horizontal and vertical stack views to create the keyboard was a bit… gross. I should have probably started by thinking about the top-level stack view in terms of columns rather than rows — blindly copy-pasting a solution from Stack Overflow often gets you to a solution while creating other problems, I guess.

At any rate, that’s cleaned up now. I ended up exploring three options, and I’m not in love with any of them:

“Three options of calculator keyboard layouts”

For now I’m going with the one on the far right, with the equals button in its own column.

(Yes, I’m testing with the iPhone 8 Simulator right now. I always tend to test with an older device’s screen size, though I don’t have a good reason for why — but I will have to take care to ensure the layout makes sense with the home bar indicator thing on the iPhone X/Xs/11.)

Tomorrow, I get back to the actual calculator functionality!

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