The Per Rewrite Diary: Day 14

This post is part of a series about rewriting my iOS app, Per. Per is a price per unit comparison app with a bunch of neat convenience figures, but it hasn’t been updated in years, so I’m rewriting it from scratch to eliminate a bunch of technical debt. Just because it’s not an open-source app doesn’t mean I can’t share what I learn as I go!

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Getting to MVP

So, working with stack views is fun!

Yesterday I created a first stack view to layout the Add and Cancel buttons in the add-product view, with today’s goal being to layout the rest of the view.

It was pretty straight forward, and now I have a functional-ish app! I can enter a (unitless) product and it’ll get sorted according to price per unit:

“Two screenshots of Per in action, displaying the add-product screen and the product list screen”

Of course, because there’s no validation going on, you can also crash the app by simply tapping the Add button when you don’t enter any text. And you can’t select anything other than “units” for the product you’re adding. Still, technically, I could install the app on my phone now and start using it!

I’ve also now made a huge mess of the ProductDetailContentViewController, too. In it, there’s all the setup code for the stack views (3), the text fields (3), the buttons (2), and a label. All of that should be broken up into at least two view controllers: one for the inputs, and one for the buttons, and validation can be added as necessary there.

So, breaking up this not-quite-massive-but-kinda-huge view controller is what I’ll work on tomorrow.

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