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TIL: Today I Learned

I set up a TiddlyWiki on Glitch for myself after watching a talk on the Zettelkasten method of taking notes.

New Weekly Series on Dev.to

I kicked off a new weekly “development diary” series on Dev.to today.

Function guest interview

I was invited to chat with Anil Dash about tech and self-care on the Function podcast’s season 2 kickoff. Function examines the intersection of tech and culture, and I’m grateful to have been invited to share my thoughts.

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Elsewhere on the web: Twilio guest posts

A couple of months ago, Glitch CEO Anil Dash got to interview Mindy Kaling at Twilio’s SIGNAL conference. We built an app that let people text in their questions for Mindy, and it added a lot of fun interactivity to their chat!

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Pseudo-chat components in Glitch

Ash Furrow’s blog is always a great read, and Monday’s thoughts on learning from other developer communities was no exception.

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Remote Work: Year Two

Today marks the second anniversary of my gig at Glitch (formerly Fog Creek Software). Last year, I wrote a retrospective on what the first year of working remotely was like; I thought it’d be fun to see how that’s evolved.

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The Next Chapter 🎏

Yesterday marked the end of my time working on Manuscript, as the transition of the product over to its new owner is complete. With that, I’d been looking for a new contract, and today I’m happy to announce that I’ll be joining the team at Glitch!

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Stylin' Sidebar.js in Glitch

My main social network these days is Micro.blog, where I post short updates, thoughts, and images, then syndicate those posts out to the big social media silos. I have a hosted blog on the Micro.blog service for this, but because I want this site to be the canonical source for all things Angelo, I wanted to pull in that content here.

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Glitch Project Name Lottery

Glitch creates randomized project names when you remix a project, and they look something like adjective-noun.glitch.me. You can always rename these later, but oftentimes they’re just too amusing to bother (I’m looking at you, victorious-beer). So, what if you decided that you were going to remix the node starter app, and then had to spend a couple of hours building an app based purely on the random name you were assigned?

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Remote Work: Year One

A couple of weeks ago, Julia Evans wrote a retrospective on what it’s been like working remotely that resonated with me, given that today is my one-year anniversary since taking a remote position. Since this is my first fully-remote job, taking some time to reflect on how things have gone seems like a good idea. Julia answered some great questions about working remotely, so I’ll do the same here. What’s scary about working remote?

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