TGHR: Testing the units

The Great HoneyJar Refactoring is a series of posts in which I take the first iOS app I ever wrote, HoneyJar, and refactor it out of its original burning-dumpster-fire state and into a modern app. And I'm doing it in public. Earlier this week, I tweeted about my adventures in trying to add a test suite to HoneyJar. The idea is this: I want to be sure that I’m not breaking anything in the app, as it exists right now, when I start refactoring.

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TGHR: Opening the source

The Great HoneyJar Refactoring is a series of posts in which I take the first iOS app I ever wrote, HoneyJar, and refactor it out of its original burning-dumpster-fire state and into a modern app. And I'm doing it in public. Last week I introduced an idea I had: to open-source my first-ever iOS app, embarrassing as it might be, and refactor it out in the open. Over the last week, I handled the open-sourcing of the app.

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The Great HoneyJar Refactoring

Thinking about a series of posts where I take HoneyJar, the first iOS app I wrote, and refactor it out of its burning-dumpster-fire state. — Angelo Stavrow (@AngeloStavrow) May 16, 2016 Over the next few weeks, I’ve decided to write a series of posts about taking my first iOS app, HoneyJar, and refactoring it from its current (terrible) state into something, well, less-terrible. And I plan on doing it in public, too.

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On comments

I mentioned that keeping comments up-to-date with modifications in source code helps me with task-switching in a busy workplace. Of course, that doesn’t make a difference if you’re not commenting your code well. Therein lies the rub. I spent weeks on learning various sorting algorithms in my data structures and algorithms class, but I never really learned anything on the whys and wherefores of commenting. I’ve been taught that // This is an inline comment.

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On delays

I’ve discussed the transition over to a static-site generator before. Yes, I’m still planning on doing this. Yes, it’s been a long time coming. So I’m setting a deadline for myself: the next post on this blog will be with the new setup. It probably won’t have all the pieces in place re: design and other related-site plans, but I’ve got to start somewhere. More tk.

On interruption-driven development

As the sole developer at work, I have to balance our “ask me anything, anytime” culture with a need for unbroken concentration on whatever code I’m writing. I’m generally fine with a door-always-open policy like this, because it makes communication fast and easy—especially in a small team, where everyone wears several hats—but as projects get closer to a deadline, it does tend to put a bit of strain on my ability to get things done.

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On streaks

This is the 17th post made to this blog since the beginning of 2016. That means that I’ve posted something every Friday since the start of the year. Yesterday, I suggested that I might not be posting anything today. I’ve been feeling a bit tired lately as deadlines loom for work projects, so personal side-projects tend to slip a bit. But, dammit, the idea of not breaking a streak—especially four months in—really does work as a motivator to keep things going.

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On getting there

A short post today, based on a realization I had earlier this week at CocoaHeads. Like many, I often suffer from impostor syndrome. It hits when I’m tackling something new that I thought built on previous knowledge, leaving me feeling a bit bewildered, and undermining my confidence in having mastered lesser matters. Usually, I take a walk and come back to the problem with a clearer head, and will work my way through it.

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On subscription software

On Tuesday of this week, Smile Software announced that their TextExpander software would be switching to a subscription model. As a longtime user and big fan of TextExpander, I have some thoughts on this change. Another bit of software that I’m a huge fan of, YNAB, made a similar switch at the end of 2015—no more desktop apps sold with traditional licenses, but rather a new web app with a yearly subscription.

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On sweating the small stuff

When I hear ship it, or we’ll fix it in post”, I get that the intended sentiment is that perfect is the enemy of done. But too often, this translates to I’m okay with shipping garbage. There’s a delicate balance to be struck between doing it quickly vs. doing it well, sure, but if you’re having a hard time getting there, then maybe you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

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