Posting to Hugo on GitLab Pages from iOS

In moving this blog to a static site generator, one concern was whether I’d still be able to work on and/or publish a post from my phone. I tend to do a fair bit of mobile drafting while I’m in the subway or waiting in line, and will sometimes publish content when I’m away from my computer. YOLO. Requirements It’s a given—since that’s how the site has been setup—that you need a GitLab.

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A six-month update

As I mentioned last week, today is July 1st, which marks a convenient half-way point for the year. On New Year’s Day, I posted a short list of goals that I was hoping to make progress towards. Here’s how it all breaks down. 1. Post something here every Friday. So far, so good. I haven’t missed a single week, which I’m pretty pleased with. I’ll grant that it hasn’t always (ever?

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Reminder: as of next week, the RSS feed for this site is moving! If you subscribe, please be sure to point your favourite reader to: Next week is July the first. It’s Canada Day here, which means it’s a national holiday, but in Montreal, it’s also an unofficial moving day. So it’s a propos that this site will be moving over to its new digs on that same day.

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On moving to Hugo on GitLab Pages

This week, I took a hiatus from the refactoring fun I’ve undertaken to (finally) move the blog over to a static site generator. I’ve written before about my plans to move to Hugo, and that’s now complete. Since the beginning of the year, all posts have been written as Markdown files that I can easily grab and format with the necessary front matter. Before then, I hadn’t written very much, and in fact I’ve dropped a couple of old posts that I felt didn’t add to the site in any way.

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A moving update

I’m in the process of (finally) finalizing the move of this site to Hugo. No, for real. Most content is already in place. A few older posts need to be added, and some info pages are to be added. This is normal-priority. I’m using a slightly-modified built-in template to render the site. There a few more modifications to make, but this is low-priority. A commenting platform will be added. This is also normal-priority.

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TGHR: Testing the units

The Great HoneyJar Refactoring is a series of posts in which I take the first iOS app I ever wrote, HoneyJar, and refactor it out of its original burning-dumpster-fire state and into a modern app. And I'm doing it in public. Earlier this week, I tweeted about my adventures in trying to add a test suite to HoneyJar. The idea is this: I want to be sure that I’m not breaking anything in the app, as it exists right now, when I start refactoring.

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TGHR: Opening the source

The Great HoneyJar Refactoring is a series of posts in which I take the first iOS app I ever wrote, HoneyJar, and refactor it out of its original burning-dumpster-fire state and into a modern app. And I'm doing it in public. Last week I introduced an idea I had: to open-source my first-ever iOS app, embarrassing as it might be, and refactor it out in the open. Over the last week, I handled the open-sourcing of the app.

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The Great HoneyJar Refactoring

Thinking about a series of posts where I take HoneyJar, the first iOS app I wrote, and refactor it out of its burning-dumpster-fire state. — Angelo Stavrow (@AngeloStavrow) May 16, 2016 Over the next few weeks, I’ve decided to write a series of posts about taking my first iOS app, HoneyJar, and refactoring it from its current (terrible) state into something, well, less-terrible. And I plan on doing it in public, too.

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On comments

I mentioned that keeping comments up-to-date with modifications in source code helps me with task-switching in a busy workplace. Of course, that doesn’t make a difference if you’re not commenting your code well. Therein lies the rub. I spent weeks on learning various sorting algorithms in my data structures and algorithms class, but I never really learned anything on the whys and wherefores of commenting. I’ve been taught that // This is an inline comment.

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On delays

I’ve discussed the transition over to a static-site generator before. Yes, I’m still planning on doing this. Yes, it’s been a long time coming. So I’m setting a deadline for myself: the next post on this blog will be with the new setup. It probably won’t have all the pieces in place re: design and other related-site plans, but I’ve got to start somewhere. More tk.

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