On streaks

This is the 17th post made to this blog since the beginning of 2016.

That means that I’ve posted something every Friday since the start of the year.

Yesterday, I suggested that I might not be posting anything today. I’ve been feeling a bit tired lately as deadlines loom for work projects, so personal side-projects tend to slip a bit.

But, dammit, the idea of not breaking a streak—especially four months in—really does work as a motivator to keep things going. This may be far from a daily habit, and I imagine most people wouldn’t notice if I missed a week, but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave a gap in my posts.

Because that’s how it starts for me—skip one entry, and then I’ve subconsciously given myself permission to drop the project entirely.

It’s okay to drop projects, but I feel that should be a conscious decision made when you’re taking stock of what’s going on in the entirety of your life, not some subconscious decision from a contextless state of mind.

So, yeah. Post number seventeen. Streaks work.

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