Light writing

Literally writing with light, or photography, as it’s more commonly known.

I used to think that I loved photography. I think I still do, I just… never really do it anymore. At one point I had a whole mess of expensive camera gear, with the fancy full-frame digital SLR and red-ring’d lenses. And the fast primes—oh, I loved those. Studio strobes? Yup. Speedlights? Several. Fifty pounds of camera gear that stayed home because, I convinced myself, I couldn’t be arsed to carry fifty pounds of camera gear around with me.

Unless there was some kind of cool reason to. I helped shoot a wedding and did a men’s fashion shoot. Several portraits, too. But mostly, the gear stayed at home, collecting dust.

I mean, fifty pounds. I’m a relatively fit person, but come on.

So I sold it all and downsized to a small micro-four-thirds setup. A kit zoom, a couple of fast primes, and a speedlight. Fifty pounds traded for five and a bucketful of cash. Now I’d start taking more photos. Obviously.

I didn’t, of course.

Thing is, I do enjoy photography. Crafting an image is immensely satisfying. Capturing a great moment is fun. But I’ve gotten lazy about it, because the best camera is the one that’s with you, and by gum the camera on my iPhone is pretty fantastic, all things considered.

But it’s not the same. And while I don’t want to become fifty-pound camera-guy again, I do think I’ll take a cue from Ash Furrow and start walking around with my little PEN day-to-day.

I mean, look how pretty it is.

And of course, in true keeping-myself-honest fashion, I’m going to try to do a photo post every so often. Maybe once a month. Maybe some old photos, maybe some new photos, maybe a couple of words too.

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